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Coolcat-casino legit SCAM.

I know that I'm not the first person to talk about this, but I want to reiterate that is a scam. You don't see many reviews or discussions about them and that's why I figured it try. After several withdrawal attempts and nearly sending every verification document you could imagine, they are not telling me that I need to send them all again.
Please don't play here. You will never get paid.
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CoolCat Casino $25 FREE! No Deposit Bonus

CoolCat Casino $25 FREE! No Deposit Bonus
Cool Cat Casino is a USA friendly Real Time Gaming powered online casino. New players get a $25 chip, no deposit required. Players who go on to deposit will be treated to a 200% matching bonus. Details and bonus code below!
Promotion Link: Cool Cat Casino $25 Free Chip
Bonus Code: FUNSPINS25 (This code gets you the $25 free chip)
2nd Bonus Code: FUNSPINS200 (This code will give you the 200% matching deposit bonus)
Pretty simple stuff here. If you want to start with a $25 free bankroll at Cool Cat Casino, use the promotion link above. You will land on a page that describes the offer perfectly, and a 3-step signup explanation. For sake of preview, here’s what to expect:
Click the pulsating red “Play Now” button. You will land on a page where you can create your account. Fill in your details there and move on. When you are given the option to enter a bonus, use the FUNSPINS25 bonus code. You can use the deposit code later, if you like what you see and want to get a nice deposit bonus!
You can play over 250 games at Cool Cat Casino. You can play on pretty much any device, from desktop to tablets and phones.
This takes five minutes. Check your clock and 5 minutes from now you can have a $25 balance to play. Max cashout on free chips like this is usually $100 or so. Not bad to enjoy casino games and take a free shot at a $100 bill.
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CoolCat Casino offers an unusual welcome package of 1,000% sign up bonus of up to $1,000. Visit Now: #onlinecasino #realmoney #gambling #onlinegame #casinousa

CoolCat Casino offers an unusual welcome package of 1,000% sign up bonus of up to $1,000. Visit Now: #onlinecasino #realmoney #gambling #onlinegame #casinousa submitted by casinousa to u/casinousa [link] [comments]

CoolCat Casino offers an unusual welcome package of 1,000% sign up bonus of up to $1,000.

CoolCat Casino offers an unusual welcome package of 1,000% sign up bonus of up to $1,000. submitted by casinousa to u/casinousa [link] [comments]

CoolCat Casino has launched the latest Keno Game

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VIP Promotions & Bonuses at CoolCat Casino

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Never again CoolCat and Planet7

Sometimes it’s not the money it’s the principal. And I truly wish I knew whether or not I can swear in this post because holy heck do I want to unload. I have been playing poker since I was 14, slots not far after, sometimes as hobby, and years at a time as profession. Black Friday for the US crippled me, I was at a point that I was so determined to play the wsop 10k ME that I had 4-5 of the top “Steps tickets” worth 2k each and 1 win away from MAin event entry. Along with that prob 5-10k that I would get approx 1/3rd of back nearly 2 years later. On poker rankings I was consistently top 99%, partly because I played all day everyday, and partly because I was decent. After gov seizures I went on a crazy tilt, downward spiral where I degened away close to 100k of funds. These were any funds I could get my hands on, not all I could really pay, and mostly lost online. I played pokeslots online basically 24/7 for months straight. At the end I hated myself, hated my life, and knew I was effed in the a. But the next 3-5 years of not playing anything I was atleast comforted knowing or feeling like it was myself responsible for my own success, having once turned my very first deposit of 200$ into 22,000$ on full tilt, and unbelievably still $1.86 to nearly $30,000 on poker stars in 3 weeks. However the comfort came from also knowing I was the reason for my own failure and poor poor decision making. Atleast I didn’t feel cheated.
Here we are what feels like 10 years later, I did manage to scrap together 1,000$ 5 years ago for a live satty at the rio, and right as the main event started I won a seat. Busted day 2. Pretty much hasn’t played since.
Recently my bracelet winning friend got me to follow him around all over the state and neighboring states to check out his slot grind. I quickly got back into it and in downtime turned to gambling online. I struggled so much on the last sites I had known that were still around, but my faith will never waiver from them again. And after the bs I encountered I will never stray again. In any case I stumbled on these shoddily thrown together sites (it seems) such as Planet7 and Coolcat casino to be specific out of a long list of Royalaces, casinoextremes, captain jacks. Now I can’t say for sure the gameplay is rigged, but I will say for the 1000 or 2 thousand of dollars I’ve put into them, I have been able to withdrawl exactly 0$ dollars.
When I signed up on coolcat, it was from my phone, when I went to login on my computer, it appeared I had a really old previous account but I couldn’t figure out the password. I have the chat screenshotted when I went to support straight away and told them that I believe I had opened multiple accounts and asked what I need to do, if I could play, and if it could potentially come back to bite me later on. The agent assured me and even transferred me to another who also assured me, I didn’t need to do anything accept stick to the account I was on now, never log into the old one, and only deposit from the one I just contacted them. They happily took my deposits, 1 after another. Until I hit for just under 2k with no bonus restrictions to pull bs with or max cashout to cap my winnings. Over the next 30 days I submitted and re submitted each document they requested. 12 days in the withdrawal was cancelled, and I was informed “since you’re doing BTC withdrawal you actually need to complete this other completely different verification process” 15 more days of pick and chose what documents the new support person would say I was missing and repeat the phrase “please wait 5-7 days for a response” and 5-7 days went and never once did I get a response. I took to complain on several forums as it was very clear my identity matched my account and everything was in perfect working order. The day after my complaint was posted on the forums for the casino to respond....
I go to access the casinos...
Suddenly I’m not allowed access to my accounts, my accounts are closed, my funds are taken, and they will tell me this and only this....
“We regret to inform you that your casino access has been revoked. The decision is unfortunately, irreversible. Any casino account can be closed solely at our discretion as part of our policies to ensure game fairness, the safekeeping of company assets, and our third party payment service providers. I nor any of my supervisors can give you any further information or explanation”
service provider left the chat
That’s it, that’s all, that’s forever it seems what it will be. They happily took my money, confirmed in support that I have the pictures and transcripts of. Heck they even gave me a $50 no deposit bonus when I asked because the chat agent assured me, “I can offer this $50 chip because you have never opened an account here with us” well turns out both Planet7 and coolcat are full of it, and the whole 5-7 days withdrawal is dishonest at best but more likely is a straight up lie. I plead for anyone considering playing there, DONT! In 17 years I have never once been treated in this fashion, what feels like straight up mugged in the streets. I’ve had a gun put to my temple for 30 dollars, and still that doesn’t give me the sinking hopeless feeling of anger and despair this does. Atleast the addict with the gun had to get off his a** and put in the effort to steal my money. Shit had he not brought the gun I’d almost have respect that he got it. This just feels like some prince of Nigeria finally managed to suck me in and scam me, or my windows service tech was actually a Indian scammer all along. Surprised picachu
Yet this is the only thing I can do because what the heck else can I do? If I could hire a lawyer, I would spend the money. If I could file complaints I would take the time. If I could deposit again and no I would be able to cashout, I would try to take every dollar, penny, and pixel they are worth until the site disappears. Nothing would make me happier than to put my foot soooooo fing far up there pooper that I’d tickle their tonsils with the tip of my toe.... instead
“We regret to inform you that we told you you’d be okay, we gladly accepted your deposits for several months, we happily updated your address when you moved and emailed us updated address verification documents, we cheered when you won, and then we robbed you of every dollar you made.”
Oh did I mention
“There’s not a single thing you can do about it”
Don’t take the risk. If you need legit gambling sites as a us player I can give you several other solid companies that actually care and actually payout and actually want you as a customegamer. You may not get 40090990% percent deposit bonus * (see terms and conditions)
1$ max cashout
But atleast you’ll get the full experience of playing.
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QQExtra bandar judi casino online terbesar dan terlengkap di Indonesia

QQExtra bandar judi casino online terbesar dan terlengkap di Indonesia
QQExtra bandar judi casino online terbesar dan terlengkap di Indonesia memberikan keberuntungan yang anda dapat andalkan, ini saran dari para ahli. Dapatkan dosis rahasia perjudian online terbaik, strategi, dan kiat untuk membantu anda menang, dan simpan uang anda juga! Mulailah memanfaatkan permainan dengan menjadi anggota judi online qqextra.
Bonus Deposit - Sebagai bonus utama kasino, bonus deposit kasino online telah lama menjadi cara favorit kasino untuk mendorong pemain baru dan yang kembali untuk melangkah ke lantai kasino. Ide dasarnya sangat sederhana, melakukan setoran, biasanya didefinisikan sebagai jumlah yang ditetapkan.

Sekarang hal tentang bonus setoran, sebagai kebalikan dari tidak ada bonus setoran adalah bahwa mereka benar-benar datang dalam berbagai bentuk dan bentuk, termasuk bonus pertandingan, putaran gratis dan chip gratis. Misalnya, bonus deposit yang merupakan bonus pertandingan berarti CoolCat Casino akan memberi Anda jumlah yang sama atau lebih besar dari deposit anda, bebas untuk bermain dengan syarat dan ketentuan tertentu QQExtra bandar judi casino online terbesar dan terlengkap di Indonesia.
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My little trio is currently still staying with the god-fearing morbidly obese imbeciles of my SOs' family that have disowned him and subsequently myself, the two babies and dog. We are huddled into our room to avoid the hostile environment. We eat meals and play in room. I refuse to clean, cook and take care of their shit. Fuck them. Fuck their god. Houseful of hypocrites. I'm living my version of hell, alas Satan's hellhole.
Good news. My SOs' coworkers have our backs and it looks like we'll be moving into a 3 bedroom motherfuckin' house!!! No deposit, pets welcome only 525 a month!!!!!!!! It'll be ready before the 1 of October! My SO shook hands with the landlord, so I think that's the southern way of making a deal? I'm gonna go with a maybe....
So the SO is currently staying at his work. We just paid $230 for one ticket to be paid off. Another 95 to reinstate his suspended license. He's not allowed on the property, so last night, I let him know that I had clean clothes and phone cable. He parks across from the drive , as soon we said our goodbyes, the sheriffs roll up, and talk to us for 15 minutes. Apparently we need a police escort for when we talk near the property. Then they tell him that they will arrest him if they catch him driving. THEN they said they're going in that direction, pointing in the opposite direction that he has to take to work. I hate the fact that we are on a first name basis with the cops, but it's nice they sort of have our backs.
Anyways thank you ladies who offered my family a place to stay, thank you to those who offered their kind words/sympathies. Thank you everyone!! It touch my heart knowing internet strangers would take in other internet strangers. Fuck man. I love you bitches. You all are strong, beautiful and just amazing mothers. Fuck the haters, you da real MPVs.
On a very very unrelated note, my mother saw my former ginger best friend ever in a grocery store, with his extra large girlfriend and their non ginger baby girl !!! This dude, this kid was my best friend in high school. But I put him so far in the friendzone, that when we had sleep overs, he slept in the guest bedroom (before you ask, my dad was deployed, mom at the casino, so i threw a lot of parties, friends always over, just no actual adult supervision). He was alright just being my best friend. We smoked a lot of fucking weed. Drank a lot of alcohol. The only times we didn't smoke was at or during or before school. Absolute goofball. Best ginger ever. I miss him so much. He was such a coolcat. My mom said that he's also large, long hair, and still a stoner, but now a daddy.
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CoolCat Casino - YouTube Watch Baccarat Video at CoolCat Casino Watch American Roulette at CoolCat Casino - YouTube Coolcat Casino - Bonus $70 No Deposit - Coolcat Casino ... CoolCat Casino - $3000 Signup Bonus + 100 Free Spins - Amazing Casino Games

At CoolCat Casino, players always get rewarded for their presence. In addition to the 250% Welcome Bonus, they can claim over 300% Balance Boosts and up to 50 Free Spins. These bonuses can be used for playing over 220 online casino games, such as table games and video poker games. 140 of those games are online slots and progressive jackpot slots with massive payouts up for grabs. Players can ... CoolCat Casino Review. Grab $100 Free Bonus with Cool Cat Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes Now. As the Cool Cat Casino is one of the most generous online casinos you are going to come across, you are going to be guaranteed of locking in a lot of value each time you play at their state of the art casino site as a real money player. There are two main reasons for us saying this, the first is the ... Cool Cat Casino guarantees that all its clients will always get timely support if there is a need. The support department operates 24/7/365. The fastest way to get an answer is online chat. Players from the United States can use free telephone support. International call should be paid. You can also send questions via email. As a rule, support administrators answer your questions within a 24 ... CoolCat Casino verlost derzeit allen neuen Spielern ein Bonus-Angebot ohne Einzahlung. Sie können über diesen Bonus bis zu $ 100 / £ 100 / € 100 beanspruchen, ohne dass Sie eine erste Einzahlung auf der Casino-Seite tätigen müssen.Auf der CoolCat Casino-Website finden Sie die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für den Anmeldebonus für neue Spieler, indem Sie auf der Seite für ... Use bonus code: THANKSVIP1, THANKSVIP2, THANKSVIP3, THANKSVIP4, THANKSVIP5 $100 – $1000 No Deposit Bonus for Existing players Playthrough: 30xB. Expires on 2021-01-31. Check your cashier to redeem the bonus Use bonus code: XCMMP 300% + 50% CB Match Bonus for All players Playthrough: 30x(D+B) Expires on 2020-04-30. Minimum deposit requirements: $30. No withdrawal limits for this bonus. Cool Cat Casino - Cool Cat RTG Casino $100 Free No Deposit Bonus plus 400% Deposit Bonus - Cool Cat Casino Accept All US and International Players - Cool Cat Casino powered by RTG Real Time Gaming. WELCOME TO COOL CAT CASINO Enjoy your exclusive no deposit bonus offer! NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED! Redeem Coupon Code: NDCASINOFORUM . 130+ CASINO GAMES • 80+ SLOT MACHINES • FREE TO TRY • TIMELY ... CoolCat Casino provides players over 220 of the most exciting free casino games that the worldwide web has to offer. CoolCat Casino webplay guarantees everyone a good time, every time! Play Real Money Slots Here. Casino Bonus Codes. CoolCat Casino provides players regular promotions, including daily, weekly, monthly, signup and VIP bonuses. With CoolCat Casino bonus codes, gameplay never stops ... Getting started with CoolCat Casino is easy! Register your details, deposit some funds, and start playing our coolest of casino games for real money! Cool Cat Casino strives to provide the Best Online Casino Experience for new and existing players. Cool Cat Casino environment offers access to over 130+ of the best Vegas-Style Online Casino Games and massive Progressive Jackpots. To make a deposit and receive limited time bonus, open the CoolCat Casino software after it has been installed and sign in using the account name and password.

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CoolCat Casino - YouTube

For additional information about cool cat casino no deposit codes and cool cat casino bonus codes, head over to our bonus codes and review pages! http://bigs... CoolCat Casino offers you an entire online casino, complete with all our fantastic specialty games available on your desktop within minutes. Take a look at our best casino specialty games now! Winning at American Roulette is easier with Coolcat Casino free video tutorials. Discover all the features and possibilities on how to win by unlocking exclu... CoolCat Casino is one the safest online casinos with quick and easy withdrawals. - #1 casino guide for USA players. Ex... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Winning at Baccarat is easier with Coolcat Casino free video tutorials. Discover all the features and possibilities on how to win by unlocking exclusive bonuses and much more right here! For more ...